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Thu Aug 20 2009, 07:36PM
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My name's Roeland. I'm 24 years old and from the Netherlands.
Some of you know me as the admin of a skinning website: WinModify
I've been skinning about 6 years now. My hobbys are: Skinning (duh), Photography, Building and maintaining websites, Overall design.

I do skin myself sometimes. I sometimes make wallpapers and dock icons and sometimes a Xion skin. I've not made a WB skin before, when I have some more time I want to digg into it to see if I can create some cool looking WB's.
Though i'm spending most of my time on the WinModify website.

You can check out my DeviantART gallery on [ LINK ]

I work with computers all day, I have a full time job in selling/reparing pc's, and all other kinds of administrative tasks.

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Thu Aug 27 2009, 03:24PM
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Welcome Roeland, nice to know a bit about you :)

Wed Dec 02 2009, 12:02AM
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Thought I'd drop a note just to say how impressed I am with your work.

I've known about WindowBlinds for many years but it never took my interest because I never saw any polished and (more importantly) useable themes. Until now! After stumbling across your designs and website I virtually immediately bought WindowBlinds and a couple of your Premium Skins! (Although if I'm to pick one, the "standard" Vienna 3 - Rapture skin is still currently my favourite!)

Any why? Well, I'm no skinner - just a user, but being a freelance computer programmer it's nice to have some eye candy on a smart looking laptop. I've recently been trying to make it look technical in a realistic and useable way. I currently have this Umbrella Corp look going on and I've thrown in the DeskSpace and Launchy apps which look good and perform great.

And my new skins... well, they just top it all off!

Um, and where am I? I'm British but currently living in Guyana (South America) looking after a tourist firm specialising in Jungle Survival.

Anyway, nice one guys - keep up the excellent work!

Sat Jan 23 2010, 11:20PM
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Wow.. I've been out of the game for a short time.. and look what happens to the place!! I barely even recognize anything around here!

Tue Sep 20 2011, 06:30PM
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My name's Ross and I live in Pennsylvania...West Chester. I got into skinning in 2006 with the discovery of wincustomize. I do Sysmetrix, Rainies and Docks. Sometimes I even get it right.

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