Reaktor Released!


I'm happy to have finished my latest theme for Windowblinds.. "Reaktor"! I spent a long time on this thinking of an idea I hadn't seen done before, then building it as imagined. I hope that this concept is appreciated by all, as it's certainly one of my favorite themes, and was very challenging to complete.

Thanks to all who help test and those who make matching skins, which should be in the galleries soon. I also will be making some walls and maybe a dock, look out for those soon!

That said, I hope every one enjoys Reaktor for WB! Works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 (with minor issues) if you have Windowblinds 8 installed.


[ Click Image for Full-Sized Screenshot ]


Price: $5.95

Metropolis is Here!


Take a trip into the future with my newest Windowblinds Master Skin "Metropolis" for Windows 7. I designed and rendered it exclusively in Cinema 4D to reproduce an authentic 3D lighting effect in a WB skin. Reminiscent of an upscale, contemporary, plush apartment in a modern Metropolis, it will look fantastic on your desktop! Stainless steel fixtures... mood lighting, it has it all!

[ Click Image for Full-Sized Screenshot ]

Metropolis II by vStyler

Price: $5.95